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Packing Tips
    • Decide on moving date

    • Call Red Hot Removals and book your move date

    • Order delivery of boxes and packing supplies from Red Hot Removals

    • Disconnect washing machine and let hoses drain
    • Disconnect BBQ gas bottle
    • Prepare other appliances for removal
    • Empty fridge & freezer contents into cooler box or esky
    • All small items packed up into boxes
    • Check parking for removals truck

    • Start packing

    • Sort and discard or donate unwanted items.

    • Consider garage sale or the Salvos.

    • Clearly mark all fragile boxes and consolidate to one area.

    • Separate and label all items needed on moving day e.g. keys, medicines, toiletries.

    • Start reducing food in fridge and pantry

    • Confirm parking/elevator booking for the day

    • Confirm property settlement times

    • Notify your neighbours of your move date.

    • Telephone/Mobile

    • Internet

    • Electricity/Gas

    • TV cable

    • Water

    • Home security

    • Insurance

    • Banks and financial companies

    • Vets

    • Council

    • Motor registration

    • Drivers licence

    • Electoral role

    • Redirect mail

    • Memberships & subscriptions

    • Friends and relatives